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Jamestown Shores
Candidate Forum
School Committee

Image 01 Welcome from JSA Co-Presidents
Introduction of timers - Gary Girard and Carol Nelson-Lee
Recognition of John Murphy, Town Moderator
Introduction of Marisa Quinn, Moderator
Introduction of School Committee Candidates
Ryan Conlon
Julia Held
Cathy Kaiser
Lowell Thomas

Image 01 1.5 Minutes per candidate Why Running?
Image 01 Question 1: The number one challenge in this recession.
Image 01 Question 2: Non Fiscal Challenges.
Image 01 Question 3: Relationship with North Kingstown High School
Image 01 Question 4: Budget
Image 01 Question 5: Non instructional portion of the budget.
Image 01 Question 6: Teacher Reimbursements
Image 01 Question 7: After school activities part 1.
Image 01 Question 8: After school activities part 2.
Image 01 Closing Statements
Image 01 Play All


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