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Cumberland School Committee Meeting
Quick Jump Agenda

 Image 01 I. Chairperson Convenes Meeting
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Consent Agenda
Image 01 VI. Superintendent's Report
*** note: @ 2 minutes of this report was without sound ***
Image 01 A. Recognitions
1) James Alan Fox Photojournalist Foundation Scholarship Award Oliver
Doyle, CHS Student

Image 01 VII. Chairperson's Report
A. School/Town Collaboration
Image 01 VIII. Reports of Standing Committees
A. Payment of Bills
Image 01 B. Fiscal Management Sub-Committee Update
C. Policy & Procedures Sub-Committee Update
Image 01 D. Achievement & Communications Sub-Committee Update
E. Budget Task Force Update
Image 01 IX. Comments from the Public
Image 01 X. Public Hearing
A. Reading of Policy
Image 01 L Old Business
A. Discussion and/ or Vote to Approve Amended Policy:
a. I-6 School Sponsored Field Trips of Long Duration
Image 01 B. Discussion 1) 1st Reading
a. G-15 Gift Acceptance
Image 01 b. J-23 Policy Affecting Students Who Identify as
Transgender or Gender Non-conforming
Image 01 XII. New Business
A. Discussion and/or Vote to Approve Overnight Student Field Trip:
1) CHS -Italy, June 2017
Image 01 B. Discussion and/or Vote to Approve Resolution
Installation of Energy Control Systems at B. F. Norton School and JJM
Cumberland Hill Elementary School
Image 01 C. Discussion and/or Vote to Approve Home School
Instruction Requests for the 2015-2016 School Year
Image 01 XIII. Personnel Recommendations
Image 01 XIV. School Committee Comments (School Liaison Reports)
XVI. Adjournment
Image 01 Play All

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